Lost & Found

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Please fill out the below form regarding forgotten or lost item during your stay with grayton Hotel, Dubai.We will be happy to assist you. We will be contacting you to confirm if the items are found and to arrange how and if the items should be returned.

Any article found either in a guestroom or in the hotel will be returned to the Housekeeping Department and will be kept in the lost and found store inside the Housekeeping Office. For passports and ID cards, Security will hand these to the Police Department within 48 hours.

Perishable items that are open will be disposed of immediately. Items must be kept a maximum of 3 months. If not claimed by the Owner, the item will go to a charity of the hotel’s choice.

The Hotel takes no responsibility for forgotten or lost items and cannot guarantee that items are found.

Shipment charges is always paid by the receiver of the items. Hotel takes no responsibility for items that are lost or damaged during shipment.

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